We are a group of seven people, three adults, one teenager and three children. We've planned to land in Vienna, stay there for one day, travel in Slovakia for six days and then reach to Budapest and stay there two-three days and fly back home. Our trip in very short: We had a wonderful time in Bratislava, traveled to Zazriva to an amazing place (we visited the farmer and his live stoke and also prepared cheese) and stayed the night there. We climbed to the Strbske Pleso (the lake was frozen and all the scenery was amazing). Stayed the rest of the vacation sleeping in Poprad. We had a day at Tatralandia (amaizing water park) had a hike in the Slovak paradise (beautiful nature), visited the Demänovská cave (liberty cave - wow!), hang out in Tricklandia (illusion park), we had a ride on the Tatrabob, climbed the Solisko in a cable car (and went crazy with the snow) , visited Spiš castle and visited Banská Štiavnica (amazing journey through an old mine and a visit to local brewery). We traveled about 1400 KM in total! On all this Tomas was orchestrating, making sure we didn't miss a thing, changing the plans according to the weather (the Spring is crazy in Slovakia - in the same day sun and after awhile, little bits of snow), telling a nice tale about the area we visited, adding stops whenever possible for nice scenery view (and selfies). He also had with him a GoPro cam so he took pictures and videos of all of us to prepare a nice film from this amazing experience. We were really saddened to bid Tomas farewell at the end of our journey! We felt that a strong bond was created between the family and Tomas and we considered him our friend! (Tomas, don't forget you have promised to come and visit us in Israel!) Thank you Juraj and Tomas for the best time we had in such a short stay!